On September 15th, VerticalCrypto Art (VCA), an innovative artist-first community and media hub founded in July 2020, ran a cross-chain NFT fundraising auction in Arium Spaces to support the first native crypto art residency program for emerging artists.

In order to continue the development of the current and future residency programs and to support more emerging creators, thirteen of the most well-known artists in the space donated unique 1/1 artworks for auction: Mario KlingemannBrendan DawesHelena SarinKevin AboschLuluxxxGisel FlorezLuxprisLia SomethingMattia CuttiniRareScrillaertdfgcvb, an artist known as “Caesuras”, and an artist who will remain anonymous. A resident artist gallery was part of the exhibition featuring all of the emerging artists work. 
The auction was cross-chain, including works on both the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains, depending on each artist’s preference. The event took place in Arium Spaces with a live DJ set performed by Eclectic Method and was streamed on VCA’s Twitter and Discord.
A custom metaverse-build was created specifically for this auction by two of the residency’s artists: Cagri Taskin and Walt Reunamo. with Creative Direction by Lisa Kolb. 
Events details and auction information can be found here. Visit the VCA Gallery in Arium Spaces

Over 200 people attended and 170K was raised at the auction through sales and donations.

Event Strategy/Creative Direction: Lisa Kolb
Featured Artists: Mattia Cuttini, Luluxxx, Casey Reas, Robness, RareScrilla, Helena Sarin, Luxpris, Ertdfgvcb, GiselXFlores, Lia Something, Quasimondo
Resident Artists: Cagri Taskin, Murat Atimay, Kalen Iwamoto, Nedtzo, Negar, Walt
Reunamo, Warragwag, Linda Dounia, Octavio Irving, Will AK, Andrea Balestrero, Rose Jackson, MABLAB, Tu-uk'z, 
Media/Hosting/Art: VerticalCrytpo Art, Ecelectic Method
Virtual Gallery Build: Cagri Taskin, Walt Reunamo, Murat Atimtay 
Partners/Platforms: Arium Spaces, Zora Auction House
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