Lisa Kolb is an Art+Tech brand strategist and producer focused on curating and promoting NFTs for art, music, and fashion. Known for maximizing a brand’s comprehensive expression -- from visual identity to campaigns and brand extensions -- Lisa has activated launches, auctions, and events in the Metaverse and virtual spaces including Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Arium Spaces, New Art City, Spatial and AltspaceVR. She has worked with artists, platforms and clients including SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Async Art, OpenSea, Boson Protocol, VerticalCrypto Art, 100xART, Narcissus Gallery and CODAME. 
Prior to her work in the NFT space, she spent her career at the intersection of brand, design, art, and technology, while producing and creating campaigns and initiatives for Microsoft, TiVo, Mutual of Omaha, Airstream, HBO and The North Face.
Passionate about all things branding and design, Lisa Kolb has worked with fortune 500 companies and iconic brands, as well as with countless entrepreneurs and start-ups. Lisa excels at maximizing a brand’s comprehensive expression from visual identity to campaigns to brand extensions (and everything in between).
Her unique skill-set has provided her with the opportunity establish the in-store look and feel for multiple major product launches, defining logos and brand guidelines, creating and executing broadcast TV campaigns, as well as co-founding and creating an officially licensed apparel and merchandise business for American icon Airstream.  
Always on the forefront of the intersection of art and technology, Lisa’s current focus is on the Web3, Digital and NFT/Crypto Art space and the Metaverse. This includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Galleries, Open Metaverse, Projection Mapping, Holographic Display, AI/Generative Art and Location Based Entertainment. 
Lisa’s skills include branding, web design/build, e-commerce, UI/UX design, creative production (immersive and interactive), event production, social media content creation & digital marketing/advertising. Her deep interests in art, technology, the outdoors and music serve as daily inspiration.
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