Lisa Kolb and XKEY Labs partnered with the House of Web3 to present a series of Art & Web3 Events with a mission to bring together and build the Bay Area/NorCal Art & Web3 community.
These events are for everyone new to Art and Web3 as well as seasoned creators, collectors, and builders.
Events include artist talks, live creation, rotating exhibitions and live minting experiences. Goal is to bring together the local community, provide context within this new art movement and onboard new users to the joy and experience of collecting Digital Art on the blockchain. 

Thanks to the House of Web3 crew - George Labunsky, Elizabeth Ers, Trisha Marschke, Noelle Becker Moreno
Event #1: Art & Web3

Event Strategy/Curation: Lisa Kolb and Kyle Gordon
Panel Speakers: Coldie, Kyle Gordon, Conlan Rios moderated by Lisa Kolb

Exhibiting Artists: Coldie, Kyle Gordon, Conlan Rios, Coldie. simoneone, Gabe Weis, Skywaterr, Jeremy Moseley, Supafray. Jon Ruiz, Luz Donahue, Jack Simpson, Scott Strazzante, dennis xing, emergent, Dilek sezen, DSZN, pixelactivist, Dire Cat, Raphael, Luther Brown, Paul Rusconi
Partners/Platforms: OpenSea, Manifold, SuperRare, Async Art
Sponsosr: Sunset Squares Pizza
Video is an overview of all works exhibited that was projected at the talk 👇
Event #2: Generative Art

Event Strategy/Curation: Lisa Kolb 
Production Team: Kyle Gordon, Jeremy Moseley, Rodania Leong
Panel Speakers: Martin Grasser, Radix, Carolina de Bartolo, bonafidehan moderated by Jordan Kantor

Exhibiting Artists: Martin Grasser, Radix, Carolina de Bartolo, Santiago, Jeff Palmer, bonefidehan’s collection on Deca and more 
Partners/Platforms/Sponsors:, Art Blocks, Prohibition Art,, Clars Auction Gallery
Interactive Stations featuring live minting on Deca, a new art project by Carolina de Bartolo and exploration of Martin Grasser’s Type Generator
Video of Event: HERE exhibit overview HERE
Event #3: Live Painting, Co-creation and Minting with Artist Gabe Weis

Event Strategy/Curation: Lisa Kolb 
Production Team: Kyle Gordon and Jeremy Moseley

Exhibiting Artist: Gabe Weis
Partners/Platforms: Manifold,
Video of Event: HERE overview HERE
Professional Photos by: CM Howard Photography
Event #4 - Live Coding and Minting with SANTIAGO

Santiago live coded and minted a preview into a long form movie project he is working on that will be launching in the Spring 2024. Generative Art Project - WIP "artists proof - 10-24" sold out that evening - available on secondary HERE. Several first time collectors were onboarded at the event. 

Emerging Beyond interviewed Santiago for a documentary that will be releasing in January of 2024 as well as provided production video in support of the event. 

Event Strategy/Curation: Lisa Kolb 
Production Team: Luz Donahue, Kyle Gordon and Emerging Beyond

Exhibiting Artist: Santiago Grau, interviewed by Luz Donahue
Partners/Platforms/Sponsors: fx(hash), IYK,
Video of Event: HERE overview HERE
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