Member of the team that oversaw the planning and¬†launch of the¬†ūüíĮxARt District Launch Event¬†in Decentraland¬†on 1/31/21. The District was formed¬†as¬†a¬†joint effort by members of the 100xARt group¬†and included talks, boutique auctions, special guests and general festivities.¬†It highlighted 10 galleries and collectors, 30+ artists, 25 auctions, featured a fireside chat with Beeple, an onchain panel with several leaders in the space, scavenger hunts, contests. A District Plaza was created and prominently featured the 20 donated artist works including¬†3D sculptures by Durk, JOY, Rendered Flesh and Bryan Brinkman. Approximately¬†$35,000 was made in auction sales¬†and over 250+ total attended between Decentraland, Discord, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.¬†

The event was co-hosted on the TokenSmart Discord by SandyMeows and Rizzle and was kicked off with a Scavenger Hunt and giveaways. Following was the opening with a Fireside Chat with 100xARt and Outlier Ventures founder, Jamie Burke, with 14 year-old artist Erin Beess interviewing Beeple. Clark Kent previewed Jose Delbo's latest work in his gallery, and an Onchained panel was hosted at the Narcissus Gallery by Ioannis and Akira featuring Snowfro, Jeff Davis, John Watkinson and Nate Alex. After that was a series of 10 Gallery tours and auctions featuring discussions by the collectors featuring the gallery story, the artists backgrounds and the works of art being auctioned.

Events details and auction information can be found here. Guide to the galleries with direct links.

Event Management and Production/Main Square Art Placement/Branded Signage: Lisa Kolb
100xARt Launch Event Team: Jamie Burke, Strawberry Sith, Stagflation, iuri kothe, SandyMeows, Rizzle, The Black Fractal
Featured Artists: Beeple, Trevor Jones, Alotta Money, Cechk, PAK, Jose Delbo, JamFactory, Bryan Brinkman, Perry Cooper, XCOPY, yonFrula, adxmboni, Han, Tommy Wilson, Mankind, Durk, Gavin Shapiro, Jon Noorlander, erinbeess, Rendered Flesh, untitledxyz, spogenuity, howiseedatworld, Orabelart, Pi-Slices, LuluxXX, Shelly Soneja, Daniella Doodles, iuri kothe, youFrula, The Black Fractal, Totemical
Featured Galleries/Collectors: Akira & Ioannis Sourdis (Narcissus/M0NA), Stephen, MaxStealth, Clark Kent, Stagflation (5th Dimension Gallery), Jamie Burke (100xARt Gallery), Matt and Tom (Kanosei Gallery), Patrick James, Will Savas (Gallery of Digital Art - GoDA), Goltra and Gabby (Narra Gallery), Pranksy, J1mmy.eth, DCLBlogger
Partners/Platforms: Tokensmart, Decentraland, OpenSea, SuperRare, Async Art, KnownOrigin, MakersPlace
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